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22 August 2008 @ 10:46 am
Matt is back, so everything is good. Today is my last day of the Wildlife Conservation Society internship, woohoo! Not that I don't love this place, I just hate the commute to the Bronx every day. Now I just have one more week of going to Hoboken, and then I go back to school!

The past two nights were fun. Wednesday was Matt and my 10 month anniversary. He made yummy dinner, and we vegged out, and it was just fantastic. Last night we met up on 86th & Lex in the city and went to Stef's apartment for beer and wine and veggie kiche. I think I spelt that wrong. Nicole came too, and it was great!

I stumbled home at about 11:30, and I swear to god, I blinked and it was 7am. I need sleep and some coffee!

Also, my parents are at the zoo. 

I have nothing interesting to say, I just want a zebra comforter. 
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18 August 2008 @ 10:40 am

Apparently, Danny got naked and started chasing everyone with his p33n everywhere after I left because he was so drunk. Glad I missed that one.

Yesterday I worked a lot, but then after work Joe and Jonathan met up with me at Rita's, and we went out to the Hoboken Cottage to get some food. Then we walked to the skate park, and they skated for like 45 minutes, and I hung out and watched, which is actually more fun than it sounds. Joe got some nutella crepes from this place along the waterfront, and they were sooo yummy, I want them! Then we ventured to CVS so the boys could help me pick out hair dye, and then Barnes and Nobles so Jon could study for his military test, so Joe could read cooking magazines, and so I could read Cosmogirl :).

I was called "mom" a lot because I kept making sure they looked both ways when crossing and didn't hurt themselves and didn't eat food that was bad for them. Aye!

We took the light rail back, and this girl "punk" girl that Joe and I know from years ago was there, reeking of scotch, and kept asking us retarded questions. Thankfully she didn't recognize us, which may or may not have made the situation more awkward. 

Jonathan then lef to go hang with his girlfriend, and Joe and I got changed and went running for about a half hour around Weehawken, which was fun! Except I'm bad at running.

2 more days until I see Matthew!!! <333333

16 August 2008 @ 12:27 pm

Last night was good. I went to Danny's party and got to see a lot of familiar faces. My dad bought me a thirty case of Coors Light to bring, and on top of all the alcohol everyone brought, we could've all died. But, we didn't! It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone, and making a few new friends. I still wish Matt was there though! Everyone kept asking where he was, aha, he is very loved. <3